at this time, by Dr. D. K. Shute, showed the presence of
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Chemically the rhinoliths consist mainly of carbonate
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than one and one-half grain daily of the copper salt, and
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until there was complete paralysis of both lower extrem-
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are two instances in our series. Cases XVI. and XVII., be-
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useful purpose in bringing some of the bone and sinew of
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course of various diseases. The milder cases occurring
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receive the first attention. Hence I am inclined to the
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should not be allowed to take the place of such an ex-
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As my cases are identical in every respect, I will dis-
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It is my practice, as soon as I can feel an abscess opening
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origin of which is generally held to be the accidental
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unless when it can pass into the rectum, and thus poison
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He said that at the present time, in London hospital
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the hospital department, and are not, as were hospital
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confinement is necessary. 2. No risk to life. 3. No pain,
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Each of these memories being distinct can be lost. The
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the bladder was usually effected by \'iolent and painful
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nasal septum, in private practice alone, I think you will
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or the causation overstrained, we have only to contrast the
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Our author also supports the claims of the late Dr. J. G.
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been closely observed by me, and the only new symptoms
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symptoms or the lithsemic state. More air was required
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The author referred to the importance of recognizing
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boon." The speaker estimated that the ratio of practic-
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of hands. The duration of the illness was fourteen days.
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dairies, to prevent the contamination of the milk by that
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flexion of the uterus, without congestion or inflammation,
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Case II. — A man, aged seventy-one, had had symptoms
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I have repeatedly urged on former occasions, and a few
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So, too, with the temperature curve of typhoid fever, w£
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curial treatment : " The persistent medicinal use of mer-
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This timely publication, while containing nothing new,
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