A Foreign Estimate of Intubation. — The Swiss cor-

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practically ignored by gynecologists. Prejudice and

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its dimensions, until it has become a mere shadow of its

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organisms are incapable of exciting suppuration. In cu-

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then withdrawn, and an ophthalmoscopic examination at

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and excessive sexual indulgence ; symptoms of general

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pain in the pehic region and back, and that at this par-

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of Crema, has used hot baths with good results in six

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were out four hours. They were then cleaned and re-

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the green iodide, such as one-sixth of a grain, several

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Dr. Halter says that the temperature of air in the lungs

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himself that tumors proper have a bacteriological origin.

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of lupus vulgaris, which was but an attenuated tuber-

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age, and also the fourth, a boy, now three and a half years

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Professor Semmola, whose theories, if not invariably

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tubercular joint disease during the past three years, have

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ferred to those having a slight grade. Where sewers are

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Louis. He dwelt on the magnitude of the Mississippi

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even in the best cases he had failed to notice any marked

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atmosphere, and carelessly allowed to remain until its

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vaccination. Hence, to make matters doublv sure, during

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4. Vomiting causes a dilatation similar to that occurrmg

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by a small saw in situ. It is my custom to remove both

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has since continued to have epileptic convulsions at irreg-

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was produced. In eczema a slight smarting sensation

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far enough back, to accomplish the desired purpose.

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pyogenes aureus et albus. The differences in these dis-

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ogy, morbid growths, the results of amputations, excisions,

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Medical Advertising in Germanv. — At a little vil-

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Robert J. Gibson, Assistant Surgeon, is relieved from duty

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The results of the use of the Davis and Sayre splints, or

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children, and healthy from childhood, awoke one morn-

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physician may go in defence of himself at the expense of

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of the aged, or when the hernia is very large and the in-