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dwelt upon at length. In the winter months the varia-

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be removed, and, within reasonable limits, the more bone

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The patient was an unmarried woman, aged forty, short

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The manner of its production I believe to be usually,

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with greater certainty in the splenic blood. In typhoid

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of syphilis with carcinoma. The microscopical examina-

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was relieved by the escape of a prostatic calculus. The

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He condemned the inefficiency of local quarantine. The

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right eye, and the stump of the left is healing kindly.

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Dr. J. C. Reeves, of Dayton, Ohio, knew of no other

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others were in daily attendance, including every minister

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general astigmatism corresponded, and in forty-four eyes

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the centre to the base of the stapes a single small pedi-

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manding Officer, Fort Gibson, Ind. Ter. Paragraph i, S.

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there are usually present, in my experience, some one of

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from each other by the intestines forcing themselves be-

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again in 1879. In the fall of that year he returned

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used instead of the unaided senses. Thus the dynamom-

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brought against him. It was predicted at the time that

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When I had the privilege, some four years ago, of com-

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attempting to decide or discuss the professional questions

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I'lrst, the expectoration of stinking pus; and second, when,

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of one lobe and the extent of the changes in the remain-

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Drs. Gregory and Brooks, of St. Louis, further dis-

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well as many clinical observations in an interesting branch

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value comparatively in the treatment of phthisis. He

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tomy upon the right eye, removing a portion of the iris

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turpentine stupes and the administration of stomachics.

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so produced extends to the dental nerves, and thus renders

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other of the urinary poisons at their source, now that we