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Is relieved from duty at Fort Robinson, Neb., and will

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Dr. T. J. HUTTON, of Fergus Falls, Minn., writes : " Five

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cient dignity to appear in a public address. The Romans

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Miss. ; Seigler and Harbin Springs, Cal. ; Stafford and

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gastric ulcer there is usually a hyperacidity of the gastric

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completely fill it from the drum-head or near it to within

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pharynx, tonsils, and uvula. Temperature, 99.8 ; pulse

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them having incomplete or partial anchylosis. Mr. Lister

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I could illustrate afresh every week from my practice.

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mitted to the young, but had to be made anew in each

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search, that the gravity of the charges brought by Sir

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adjournment of the Congress. The Secretaries of the

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with universities, but his address, as we come to peruse it

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scientific principles by French and German savants is

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Place of Next Meeting ; Miscellaneous Business. Morn-

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this chamcter is advocated with the hope that, if the

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third series of four hundred and twenty cases, with results

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dicates a degree of "malarial bias" that I was not prepared to ex-

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" That cities and towns to the north, and upon lines of

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but who has resided in Jacksonville for the past nine