logical basis is still obscure. The condition of visual
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the first operation of the kind in London took place, and
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caused to beat by barium, being finally arrested in systole.
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lung. He found dulness at the lower part of the right side
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second being only two and one-half inches in diameter.
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part of the spinal cord or some one or more of the spmal
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site direction, i.e., that of regarding other articular dis-
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a slight change in the voice at this time ; it became
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means a sheet-anchor. He speaks favorably of Unna's
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for this ? Certainly not. Between the malignant and the
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the interpretation of certain symptoms, and which, after
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she had a great hemorrhage from her nose, and a chill,
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He then spoke of the value of the continuous current
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and some of that which is quite recent, is comparable to
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demanding the application of several napkins daily, and
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topsies shows that the great majority of these cases are
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2. Miliary granula are also found which show, in their
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frequency of summer complaint is independent of the rise
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to state that several years ago the American Surgical As-
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of soft or bony tissue that are almost certain to decom-
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" Archives Roumaines." Traumatic tetanus of the horse
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ward into the medullary canal, and the medulla spinalis
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operative success, while doing away with many drawbacks.
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rule, from one to the other. Begins wiih itching along the
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down the pyramidal tract. These exjjeriments showed
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practical experience, and that such modifications as might
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stature, not strongly built, and insufficiently nourished ; his
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The mental image of the action is associated with the va-
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stroying all the infectious germs which are known to in-
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and perineum. I had then not dared to try it alone for
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variety of papillary growths possessing characteristics in