Simple curvatures of the spine may be almost invariably cured, if taken
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library, opportunities for seeing the practice of one of the districts of the Dispensary and of the Eye
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Hotel Dieu. His first visit began long before day-light. His domineer-
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laughed and appeared amused. The bowels were costive, and required
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I spot on the convex part of the liver, might have been an elevation at
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suffocation. Inflammation seldom attacks a goitre of any kind except as a
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sort to the lancet in a case of acute hepatitis. Still, in the case of Dr.
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When he can speak he cries out for something to be done to relieve his
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which metabolism is influenced must therefore certainly differ in the two
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flammation responds readily enough to ordinary antisyphilitic treatment.
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Remarkable Case of Dropsy, — From Dr. Dunglison we learn that M.
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power of reproduction is not usually retained in either sex.
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the heart from direct action on the cardiac ganglia. In lethal doses the effects
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other forms of haemostatic treatment, local and general, had failed. In
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giving rise to actual changes in the connective-tissue elements, so long is
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lice. But they re-appeared faster than he could brush them off, and
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discussion as to its cause, but everything points to its being of staphylo-
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Whilst inflammation frequently constitutes processes of reparation
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It is believed (Prudden) that liquefaction presupposes a " mixed infec-