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while following his employment (the cause of his illness).
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in which lumbar nephrotomy was performed. Discussion
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EuRROws ON THE EiNGER-NAiLS. — Dr. E. G. Roberts,
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When the patient is being carried, the side men will take
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a friend who was to supply him. The sum he wishes to
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muslin-salve preparations, but thinks them too expensive
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may thereby be stamped out in the course of a few years,
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Six weeks following the operation the patient was again
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diagnosis was impossible before opening the abdomen.
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years, and one of births and marriages since 1847, together
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told me, a week ago complained of a pain in his left side
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Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Offi-
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nosis, in cases of obscure symptoms of pregnancy, will
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angles from the wall. These are mostly muscle-nuclei.
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necting ventricular band and ary-epiglottic fold with
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cians. — The sixty- first meeting of this Society was held in
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forceps grasping the conjunctiva over the insertion of the
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