deep congestion to the red mottling of fatty infiltration.
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sprayed with liq. ferri sulph. (gr. xvi.- ^ j.). The ap-
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ity of typhoid fever. On the following day there were
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faith in the remedy, he yielded to the entreaties of his
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interest of the lecture, the moral is somewhat trite. The
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ly follow : First, the appearance of flashes of light, and
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faces be preserved, giving a rate of seventy -nine per cent.,
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If any disease in the cavity is found, such as thickening
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failure usually leaves the patient worse than before ; for
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of peripheral neuritis of one or two nerves may be due to
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dummy patients travelling with him, who came up on his
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ments with the choleraic virus upon animals have, accord-
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passed a calculus as a boy, and within the last few years
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the condition of passing albumen and casts, but not be-
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plug may confidently be anticipated in many individuals.
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thoroughly, and had found that the bacteria grew well
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in some the toxic effect is proportionate to the amount
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shaped cylinder bulb. The patient departed in good spirits,
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was shown to the Society. The patient had extensive
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broken into the lung. We know that normal urine is a
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' methods in connection with the merits of the new.
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and all they contained. If these had been promptly de-
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portant addition to the list of anti-s)'philitics. The child
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yesterday ; the stream of urine very small. Upon ex-
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Whitworth have offered to expend a sum equal to about
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4. That, cirrhosis and gout apart, the effect of alcoholic
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tabooed with atheism has often been a compliment of the
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blood, epithelial, and granular casts. When these symp-
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was an interesting paper, by Dr. Ely Vander Warker, of
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relapses. He suggests the following tonic wine, which
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be sufficient to hold the limb downi in place, this being all
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cast is removed, and they are not, as a rule, tender.
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