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epidemic of medical congresses in Italy at present.

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" Past and Present Mortality and Treatment of Pneu-

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Many who hold this opinion do so without ever having

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this argument, for, to counteract it, he makes this statement :

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nism of certain poisons. ( The Medical Press). He first

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water or wine drunk by the troops, for all the garrison

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discharges from a wound, rendering it very dry, and pre-

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connection with the heart was followed by its fatty de-

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ten seconds, followed by a reaction caused by the resistance

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have also advocated motion as a means of maintaining the

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tro-motive force due to the chemical affinity of these

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now and then happens that the patient is able, from a

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unable to detect any flexor contraction, but thought that

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ago, first noticed, when douching the nose, a white object

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Dr. Galezovvski, of Paris, advised posterior sclerotomy

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versity of Virginia are echoed in this respect by those

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included those where the disease has already passed the .

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of the soft palate, and cicatricial retraction of uvula. On

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constriction in sac ; incision extended upward, and cae-

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right side of the brain, and on trepaning pus flowed, and

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generally prevailing among adults in the following impor-

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murmur to the very base of the left lung, and to the sixth

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suffering. Yet, in some degree, in some persons the sub-

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great service to the public. It is extremely well printed

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and that the professional sanitarian would scarcely be

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of the relations of life to conform to the new truths and

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point of view to be regretted and deplored, and we hope,

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stenosis. No ulcers existed in the nose. The hard and