We have no such protection to the lung as we have to the

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row of corpuscles, some of them transversely elongated,

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galvano-punctures only, \vithout any intra-uterine cauteri-

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so superficially as to require the most constant repetition.

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19th of the present year) on the solid particles found in

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region in which abscess amenable to surgical treatment

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with, in addition, the application of processes of exclusion

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Dulles, M.D., Surgeon to L^niversity Hospital, etc..

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The neuritis directly under this abscess was more intense

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recently than was accorded to it not many years ago. In

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three or four times a week, while if he is at a point like

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less use of mineral waters, douches, and sea-bathing, do

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disease is in and about the head and body of the malleus

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to tubercular deposits, are the ones that are particularly

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far more than is the case in most subjects, where it has to

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ing fistula results, lasting, at times, if the condition of the

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nective tissue in the internal coat frequently occupied

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unwise partiality of parents for enforced systems of edu-

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Other medical practitioners in Newark reporting similar

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tion, thought that it was not infrequent, and that it caused

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coming in contact with the living tissue begot symptoms

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bent on the flat, and introducing a pair of back-toothed

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observed that the thorough mastery of his subject was

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consciousness that there was no permanent relief, tended

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cept the physiological changes ; nor can any combination

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tions, 601 of the patients were suffering from marked

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indicated, viz. : the right file of the three to the right,

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meat, vegetables, and sometimes pastr)', late in the even-

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During his early hospital experience (187.0) the writer