amined, before being commissioned, by special boards
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taining soft cheesy material ; 2. Tubercular sequestra,
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Bearer Drill with Ambulance. — Under direction of the
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such a case, outside of direct or local medication.
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with an acute and ardent fever, insomnolency, thirst, con-
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sults than upon pathological causes. A morbific agent
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known ; but the fact is less familiar that, in certain cases,
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nize the precise nature of what was to be dealt with. He
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to apply for an extension of one month. Par. 3, S. O.
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.After briefly discussing the relative merits of antipyrine,
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died in one of the paroxysms. The autopsy revealed an
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lightning pains, and tenderness over the dorsal vertebras.
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fall back upon the explanation he gave at Edinburgh. He
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elapsed, and nothing had been done for the boy save that
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regard it rather as a leucodernia. He also considered it
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means combined, often al)orting, always lessening, an im-
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.\ series of modifications of Taylor's back-brace for
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vide deafness into two classes, viz. : congenital and ac-
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water is decomposed by a current of electricity into its
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These results, therefore, are directly ojiposed to those
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be worn for a time, it can do no harm, and it is an added
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imperfect, that it explained only the loss of verbal signs, of
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of age, who had been ill for two weeks with obscure symp-
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Modern surgery has won three great triumphs : i, It
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chief of the squad designated to practise with a litter,
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into excess, and also create the desire for wines and other
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will be natural, that nothing will be done to worry or fa-
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ization of the ureters in a woman, diagnosed disease of
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ment for giving traction and counter-traction, as also an