tient respire. He quoted the remark of an old physician,

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contain a large hall, in which will be held the meetings of

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at night were frequently symptoms accompanying cerebral

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toxicity, the former being mainly convulsive in its action,

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the mournful scene. Taken all in all, it is difficult for

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Case IV. — Another woman, after a miscarriage about

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The R. C. P. I. refused to examine him for the degree

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cases, in fact, it was the bad condition of the patient which

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Dr. Fox said castor-oil was the only fixed oil with

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scleral cavity. Mr. Mules has invented an ingenious in-

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course of the disease, an interesting analogue to a serious

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evening, of the following ointment ; IJ . Chloral hydrar.,

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The lids were somewhat puffy but not red, and slightly

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presents the histories of these cases, with the results ob-

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the hours of sleep. He now refused to take patients for

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14. A change of public sentiment and law is demanded,

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sents systematically the results of the labors of chemists

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knife which draw blood, and only experienced slight pain

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hoods from their attachments. When expiratory efforts

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able group of intemperate persons, will differ from that

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eases depending upon the depth to which the bacterium

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liquid and gently keep stirring the latter, always carefully

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best friend. Indeed, he said, " Nothing could induce me

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came alarmed at loss of voice and difficulty in swallowing

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42 had been cured and 30 nuich benefited by nasal treat-

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the promised healing through hypodermic medication. To

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of bones, joints, brain, larynx, and other organs in ex-

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of anatomical and pathological specimens at the present

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