1 cannot better sum up this part of my subject than by
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ones, and to take in twice as much fascia as of skin.
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some of the blebs were not larger than a half-dime ; others
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and this is the cause of considerable confusion upon this
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irrigation unless it were found to be absolutely necessary.
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fore the patient's death ; later on it gave rise to perfo-
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zinc jelly, i : 100. Oxide of zinc was considered a better
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urine, which contained multitudes of bacteria. Next day
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At the autopsy there was no typhoid lesion, but miliar)-
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very efficient when given in sufficient quantities. He
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by Dr. S. H. Weeks, within the past few months, but too
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with marsh or other water, or it lodges in the mouth
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the mind is " immaterial " as to prove that it is " material."
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abnormal or pathological specimens derived from the same
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calices of the renal pelvis, and advised, for this reason,
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return to their previous condition, the gut having its for-
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dressings, and by extreme precautions as to personal anti-
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in favor of inhalation. He had found dry powder inha-
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the membrane here, and the patient at the end of a few-
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tion for thirteen days. Enterostomy, left groin. Re-
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the glenoid cavity, and enables the patient to sit up or lie
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changes and her countenance assumes a pale, Xmd hue,
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May 8, 18S8. The title used by Dr. Goodell was " 'I'he
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and the eczema of the vulva was intolerable. Loath to
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houses would lead us to infer that infectious diseases are
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attending it are now reduced to a minimum, the mortality