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Newark, Jersey City, and other cities in New Jersey, and
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contagious disease, by means of burning sulphur. He
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Banister, John M., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, is
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when the proportion reaches one part in 10,000 of air. On
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favors the development of tuberculosis in a joint, the con-
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spread into Italy, where, at Leghorn, 150 died daily for
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of special sense, the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach ;
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1888, shows a total of one hundred and seventy-eight
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covery was steady, and after a few days all urgent symp-
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found to be suffering from various disturbances of motion
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digested vegetable fibre, fragments of insects and hair,
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bility increased ; its calcareous nature unmistakable ; it
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and vomiting observed in some cases of heart disease. In
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lected within the same limits as the series of laparotomies,
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observed in the intimate structure and in the blood.
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Sir : I have read Dr. Josephi's note on his method of
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are to be found in : i, The state of the secreting organs ;
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physical laws, and not to be made instruments of mere
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dividuals. As the ansesthesia becomes more profound
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plexity and modification of sounds depending largely
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that most health-resorts for consumptives depend for their
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is a symptom of some value, the more so because it is so
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