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plained by the existence of the three independent centres
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the ligaments were not found ; in two both were torn off.
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The Postmaster of this city has arranged facilities for
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cord instead of attacking the morbid growth on the left.
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aggerated statement, as it is not confirmed by other
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the Uterine Appendages for the Cure of the Convulsive
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apolis, read a remarkable paper entitled, " The Children
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way using the muscles of the tongue and pharynx, also by
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against the indiscriminate recommendation of antipyrin.
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Hotel, Vermont Avenue and H Street ; American Gyne-
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years of age, I have had only three recoveries and no less
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ter to allow disease to run its course in a natural way,
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formerly, and he has had no sense of smell in years.
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had severe attack just after leaving my office. The next