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Atrophic states are not rarely met with among arterioles

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tion. The tampon should then be inserted into the vagina,

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rosis or hysteria by suppressing the menses. The method

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and in extra-peritoneal cases generally anterior. In

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form the material from which conclusions were reached.

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Keil, and Demonstration of the Physical Examination of

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the nerves, as these were dead, .\fter offering objections

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the judgment of the inventor of this system, the Abbe de

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4. Proctitis. — That the rectum can be inflamed seems

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drops were taken, or half a dram daily. An interest-

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trouble, and it was especially interesting to rhinologists to

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The following case is reported on account of its rarity. If

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A greater surprise than the one spoken of, though, we

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for whom I have prescribed antipyrine in this disorder, the

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and renders no service, but creates much mischief by act-

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diminished. In one case imprisonment and fines make

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the case of a man, aged twenty-sever, who consulted him on

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It may be claimed that more ingenuity on the part of

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manufacture of syrups, it being half the price, and its

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spasm ; these \iews were hence, in part, the antithesis of

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greater than that in obstetrics. He mentioned the ad-

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A CORRESPONDENT writes for information concerning the

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casss of women of all ages where the urine simultaneously

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Rarely she has a single slight fit, just preceding and after

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spray in his cases, and saw no reason for its employment.

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appears to be founded on scientific principles. The infu-

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extend throughout the whole region of the scalp. She

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has grown from 19 to 44, with an average of 29. When

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pilocarpine in puerperal eclampsia, a matter which had

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strength to get around, I am ready to admit that comfort

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disease be widened a little, and not be confined to the kid-