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perineal strap. In this way the amount and kind of re-
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her excursions into the field of science were uncalled for
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avail themselves of that privilege. After reviewing briefly
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and the Greeks thought differently. The literature of
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' Read before a meeting of the Chicago Pathological Society, June
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surger)-, but it is not safe to affirm that it may not be
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patient recovers, the blood and foetus becoming encysted.
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moved them to " test motion," and because they failed
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The patient can be turned on to either side, and then be
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numbers of cases, by remarkable success. In tubercular
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Ijatient the operation was done on both eyes at the same
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patient vomited freely for a time. Vomiting returned
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ternally or within ; or miasma, which is simply another form
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independently of the inhibitory apparatus ; in large doses
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clay, or wax, in order to prevent the plaster-of-Paris mixt-
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of vessel, the wall about t' e mid-third is indistinct, and seven or eight corpuscles
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these obscure rectal troubles. Indeed, I am so fully ])er-
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bacillus first supposed to exist by Bouchard, of Paris, in
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bladder to the receiver. 3. Absence of all stop-cocks
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cess between the bone and the brain, or an abscess or
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taken care of and attended to as the Leper Settlement
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in part mentioned by Mr. Victor Horsley but not de-
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The Specific Bacillus of Syphilis. — Julian Markuse, in
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instabihty of the nervous system of inherited origin. If
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nosis, viz., in the abortive forms, in which characteristic
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I have caused the milk consumed by all my artificially
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concerning diseases of the nose. These headaches were,
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caused by the withdrawal of the vegetable acids; scurvy
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regions where the intenser forms of malarial infections
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the heat production to the heat dissipation. In fever
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sion containing the alkaloid acts upon the vegetable cells