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cases there was slight pain and tenderness in the epigas-

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found was a large amount of pharyngeal glandular tissue

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Case. — Mr. B , aged forty-three, consulted him in

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to 101°. The patient opened his eyes two hours after reach-

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or in the tube. Wyder, of Berlin, is one of the minority

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completely fill it from the drum-head or near it to within

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spots, and the temperature was uncharacteristic. Deep-

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The speaker then placed some o.x-blood into long tubes

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lishments for its preparation in all of our larger cities, I

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of such influences as contribute to sepsis, then our arma-

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pheric pressure at a point three hundred and fifty feet be-

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confinement. The case progressed naturally, the position

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swer to questions which I have asked farmers, as to their

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a queer freak of nature, with a view of bringing out simi-

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ent known. Experienced physicians will feel some doubt

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a rectal tube may have to take the place of the nozzle.

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relating two cases in which there was spontaneous recox--

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dies to get these windlasses out cheaply ; from whom, or from George Tiemann ,^

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In one of the cases of stricture in a man aged sixty-

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linear scar, and by the natural contraction of the cicatri-

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allied conditions. He classified the cases into the follow-

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tion of the drug, and were characterized by swollen, shiny

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Dr. a. H. Smith said that for many years he had used

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to twenty-four hours, retains its grayish color. In urine

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In a few cases, however, it causes pain and muscular

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