1874 brought from Berlin a modification of Fehling's
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ness. Later, when the majority of these instances of cel-
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hundred miles from Los Angeles, is a depression traversed
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was tried and found impossible. The child was finally
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continue much as they were. Mr. Savory has been re-
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was very tightly impacted. The rectum, and perhaps part
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great alarm to his physicians. On the third day the
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lesions of this cavity is almost appalling, and the success
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Advocates the thoroughly douching out of nostrils with
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been unable to understand the words of the play, so tliat,
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In no other language, he said, besides our own, has the
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at the bedside than it is to apply it with the pen at the
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Dr. Weir, of New York, criticised the abdominal in-
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She had not sent for me before because of the hope-
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and of bases on the other. This is a fact commonly known,
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Tubercular lesions of the mouth, he said, are compara-
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to much discussion. The plan of Macewen, to dissect it
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interest in this subject ; there is no class of cases which
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the truth of Dr. Freire's views that he got himself inocu-
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but decided that " the seizure and destruction of tubercu-
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the same day the temperature rose to 104° F. ; roseola
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returned, she was incoherent, and the pain in the feet per-
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periments to show the tendency of membranous surfaces
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a stream to a considerable distance. When the bulk of
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no attention to what she said, and could only say one
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tics. I prove, too, by figures relating to nearly seven
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In his operation he makes a median or lateral incision
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promote nutrition, before the joint can safely bear pres-
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has found sugar in varying amounts in every instance.
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isms. Impetigo, furunculosis, and sycosis have been
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dollars every year to help support the pauper labor of
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cles of which are slightly below man in size, i.e., having
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cells in the upper layer the representation of sensation.