The medical profession, having ceased to question the pro-
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ailments must remain under the domain of the general
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discreditable to humanity ; and if but a portion is sub-
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Medical Society. It gives an idea of the condition of
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with plenty of sunshine, and admitting of the greatest
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exclaim : " 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished ? "
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gressively to almost any degree, or they might cease to
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ease. As soon as I was informed that papoid had the
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A lower note could be reached, however, when the chest-
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from a mechanical cause, and would show signs of suffo-
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corpuscles. The other instance was that of a female,
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rotomy, median incision above the umbilicus ; no cause
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of disease in human beings. He believes there are a
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Mr. Doran refeiTed to Bozeman's recent bold innovations
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generally are projected upon the kidney, in order that
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There is no curvature of the spine, but considerable re-
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larger crystals can be prepared it will take rank as one of
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rarely as an eruption of bloody buUas. Deep, foul, and
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traction gives fixation only when unopposed by voluntary
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flation the hearing distance was the same as before treat-
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the rooms will be reserved for pensionnaires, and, as ob-
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or ten days its employment should be discontinued. He
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should then give the patient laughing-gas or chloroform,
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tive ; but I am sure that Dr. Drew and other physicians in
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of the phenomenon, originally made it known to ])sychol-
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port, upon the transverse processes of the vertebrae, and
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health." The Hawaiian Board of Health, to judge from
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rapidly subsided, the cyanosis ciuickly disappeared, and
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Exact Statistics on this subject are still wanting, and it is
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position of choice and several attempts made to lacerate
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was the development of cancer directly from traumatism.
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of the colon, was filled with this foreign material. It was
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by Sonnenberger as an excellent remedy for pertussis.
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bowels very very irregular, now constipated, now loose.