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level of the shoulders. 2. Crossing ditches, fences, walls,
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the patients. The impression which the operation had
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cians. The Attending Physicians will be required to ren-
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they sometimes regard a non-dispensing general practi-
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developed two days afterward, with meteorism and diar-
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" tr}ang to do " he pronounced " trayling to dool." His
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considered too great. The defect in the field remained
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grammes (twent)' ounces) in a day, but two hundred are
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as involving the function of a few of the association-tracts,
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acteristics, and presenting the same organisms. Puerperal
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but he did not discard the plantar splint, which he thought
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the hundreds. In one thousand cases confined on Black-
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space ; about one pint of pus came out of the openmg.
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the Society (page 161). Pre\ious to the operation the
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mit to an operation, and came to the Reading Hospital
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same explanation applied here, namely, that inversion was
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the introduction of parasites or germs into the blood. In
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(Vienna), and Dr. Von Steynen (Diisseldorf). There are
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desired end. After a spirited discussion the resolution
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I had as much time — over two months — as was nec-
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lish method which has been tried in this country and found
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jolting and to secure a smooth and uniform movement of
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iffl^fe^ifl^biaymg tne ravages of the disease. I do not
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Dk. J. M. Anders, of Philadeliihia, read a paper on
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ten hours. Employed in surgery, on suppurating surfaces,
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ical men. He then compared English with German stu-
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the liver ; that it was of particular service in hepatic abscess,
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in cases of pain from other sources, and of but very little
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tion in the course of a few weeks. This, however, is not