He quoted from an author in one of the journals, who
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ism of the production of these hemorrhages, to the exag-
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But one may observe about the same difference between
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other, the operation would be exceedingly simple ; but as
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any other department of human activity has the distinction
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traindicate high altitudes ; murmurs, however, are not
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to read what he had just written. All the associations
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fest in trying to classify nervous affections on an anatom-
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writers mentioned, more especially Beard, allude to dys-
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" lant " for " lance," " misplate " for " misspell." He says his
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in the left naris, and this has been seen daily until the
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significance, simply because he has been accustomed to find
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each student to make out his own condensations as he
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animal, it affords no grounds for comparison. As regards
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always well to have the patient, when free from fits, illus-
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eight cases of chancre by means of mercury, with the result
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scess wherever found. The former teaching, that in certain
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long been suspected to be, a germ-produced disease ; but
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Spa,smodic stricture is a frequent accompaniment of
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be kept warm. In the night she had another rigor, her
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That there may be no dispute as to classification, the
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became clear of pus, but the patient soon developed
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2, a greenish or violet color of the phosphatic deposit,