fever.' With a tense distention of the capsule under
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which result from the sthenic inflammation. These arc
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than to that in republican America. The satire is a keen
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the city. Unloaded in this southerly wind, not two miles
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govern classification and nomenclature, irrespective of
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relation to this operation is the same as to. other laparot-
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ditions. For convenience of elucidation, I will give the
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a man who, he was proud to say, was a pupil and house-
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process is untenable, because it does not satisfactorily
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gyri also showed a remarkable constancy in deviating
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colony. He remarked upon the marked want of harmony
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alcohol, alteration in the position and shape of the
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are the work of the same person ; but as yet this is pure
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keep the arm still by a loose bandage. In about a month
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Dr. Gay, of London, in allusion to the derivation of
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The lepers, and the children born of leper parents at
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animal by the injection of putrid fluids could not be re-
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knee ; and to immobilize the knee, it is necessary to immobilize the
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hydrarg'yrum {hisses) chlorl'dum {hisses) corro'sivum
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Disease, by Newton M. Shaffer and Robert W. Lovett, New York
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sis of this case of chronic obstruction were then discussed,
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(about seventy-five cents) ; to those of the second class,
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He further discussed Question 6, "What is the mechan-
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tive zoology. Physiology is based upon special applica-
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The origin of collections of objects of natural history-
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reached its second edition. In a series of over a thousand
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have sweating of the hands and feet as the symptom com-
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First of all, the governor, several months ago, refused
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applications before the sound could be introduced into the
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work, and children should lie down some minutes in the