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hour afterward, or even longer. The counter-indications

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Dr. Buller, of Montreal, then made a few remarks on

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is necessarily very considerable. It affects more or less

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bandaged, and the patient ordered to keep quiet. The

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attending it are now reduced to a minimum, the mortality

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of the patient to the further traumatism to which it would

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and this is a result which, as in the present instance, may

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at the post. Par. 10, S. O. 236, A. G. O., Wa.shington,

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of the neck, or aneurism of the femoral, to nurse and

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tality might in future be avoided, and puerperal fever be

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4th. The symptomatic restoration of the patient is the

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penses it with a " lick and a stick." — Dr. A. R. Jenkins,

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was 132, very feeble; the eyeballs sunk; temperature,

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frequently there was deep-seated pain. Those pains were

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ation was completely successful. In the same manner he

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gave only signs of bronchitis. There were no rose-spots,