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As for the histological changes in the cases under con-

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tubercular disease, but as tannic acid is, even in those

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faith be absent. He asked, however, if the temple which

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pears to bear a close resemblance to that of Volkmann,

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harmless and soothing by being made alkaline in conse-

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interest in this subject ; there is no class of cases which

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the reception of the report, which was negative in its

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In his book of two hundred pages there is only one origi-

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known ; but the fact is less familiar that, in certain cases,

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In short, a case might begin with curvature and rotation ;

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permission to go beyond the limits of the Department.

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It does not matter whether there be much or little al-

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There was also marked hypertrophy of the middle tur-

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tions of syphilis. But this is all nonsense, for I have

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tion, the untoward effects of reflex renal flooding after

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cause it to solidify on boiling. The quantity passed in

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ular connective tissue surrounding and isolating the indi-

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coveries is about fifty. He ascribes his lack of success,

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argent for him to be detained as an in-patient. Since the