Turpentine in Surgery. — The oil of turpentine is

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kick growing smaller. This inhibition of the kick per-

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any for about two months. The excretions had in the

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ing, " What IS the matter with me," and in distress, but

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and from my success with simple treatment, I think that

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nucleated red corpuscle of the marrow in the adult is de-

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boon to the thousands who are destined to fall \-ictims to

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can immobilize the hip, or employ simple traction which

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Dr. T. R. Prey, of St. Louis, favored the use of stroph-

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The subject was fully discussed under various headings.

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been made. He had seen two such cases in which there

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not tried until the pulley and weight had been used and

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quired gastric ectasia, by Bouchard as a primary enfeeble-

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In most experiments a double effect was noticed dur-

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tissue was not the acrid, irritating, acid, normal urine, that

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"shunt" fails to the amount of 7.05 per cent.; with

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process in order to have fever. Again, it should be

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ing life to justify operation ; while the myxoma was im-

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ulnar nerve ; insomnia in consequence of pain ; tried sul-

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tion of the laws of sound points out unerringly their lo-

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adhesions over the anterior and lateral surfaces of the lung,

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in some instances it has not been easy to determine whether

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that he had omitted this from his paper, making the dif-

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Extreme altitudes he found disastrous where there were

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and in extra-peritoneal cases generally anterior. In

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' Therapeutics of Mineral Waters, The New York Medic \t

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All we can say is, that the suturing of the pillars by in-

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the ligaments were not found ; in two both were torn off.

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spread from one State or Territory to another of cholera,

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a double drainage-tube through the eighth intercostal

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then soon begin to thicken. Now pick it up with a scoop,

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