distressing. To all appearance the child was rapidly
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the case of an English lady whom he and Sir Spencer
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not in any degree retain these properties. It takes up
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febrile rheumatic affection, are present in a large propor-
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genic organisms in the skin of these animals. In one
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couraged the isolated abstainers to resist temptation
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In the latter case the relation between cause and effect is
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and drainage of the bladder and ureter are all that are
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in this direction, as you will see on inspection of the
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M. Verneuil said that it had been supposed that there
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acid, iodoform, and chlorinated water are still employed,
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and lipomatosis is a mere incident in its course, asso-
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method by which every case may be successfully treated.
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of post-mortem origin. Kidneys : 'J"he cortex was very
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Schwass states that the warm praise which he gives to the
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ores of precious metals, where they ever remain evidence
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intense. On examination, there was at the inner extrem-
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maxillary glands and the glands in the neighborhood of the
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placements of the uterus and ovaries. The uterus is gen-
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Dr. Fox had employed the method in four or five true
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ments are separated so effectually that seldom, if ever, any-
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certain symptoms after the destruction of certain brain-
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ascertained that the fundamental trouble was a retrover-
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and is not considered at length in the present volume,
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principles somewhat as follows : It should be elastic, light,
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venereal excess, probably from the fact that this would
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jects are cases of monomania of a primary or degenera-
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of the chest behind, so he put the patient under ether and
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I'he use of vaso-dilators, like nitro-glycerine, has been
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5. In case of death of foetus, it should be removed by
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general nutritive disturbance, of which the kidney dis-
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under the knife or a few days or weeks afterward, as is
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flammation in the sigmoid flexure, to cause a most un-