the cyst had damaged the nerves of the arm. The lesion
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lin Medical Union, some doubt as to the reality of the
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" Prairie Itch " to " Teplitz-Schonau," and fully sustains
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ing physicians in the United States to the population was
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means of a silver-wire suture. Some of his best results
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fever may not, in some degree at least, predispose to
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Heart. — According to Lichtheim, Oertel's method is a
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Dr. S. E. Solly, of Colorado Springs, read a paper on
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be expected from the influence of the menopause alone,
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marrow of the adult. The methods used were the exam-
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childhood ; has had periodical spells of melancholy de-
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trusion in the abdominal wall, due probably to a hernia
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with demonstrations of specimens. [See Medical Record
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residences of all the registered physicians in the city. In
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them. In all cases of chronic Bright's disease increased
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ing salicylic acid in distilled water and saturating the
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difficulties of producing an aseptic atmosphere is, that
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The patient was brought to me from Texas by her fam-
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Nervous system ; motor functions. — He shows no ataxia
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cal medicine. It does not at present include hygiene or
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other at its margin. His deductions of practical interest
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Tyne, May 21, 1888, and gave the following history :
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