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tion. There is no better illustration of this statement than

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Cal., writes : " The tampon as usually made has not been

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opposite side. The dressing is renewed night and morn-

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the roughened fractured surface of the upper fragment.

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pharynx, and left vocal cord, paresis of tongue, and dys-

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were superficially frozen. Discharged February 1st. In

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Hence Greek and Latin must supplant vernacular terms.

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of an acute disease, the other of leprosy. Up to 1878,

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which had partly been diagnosed before operation. On

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Accordingly, she was restricted to oatmeal and milk — not

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meeting, on " The Treatment of Valvular Affections of

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and reunions of the molecules, but, finding them already go-

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diagnosis ; and secondly, the topographical diagnosis of

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thin tin plate instead of wire-gauze to obviate smoking.

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of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland ( The British

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the recommendation of the first cattle on the island, and

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The worst evils of specialism now are those resulting

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internally, were prescribed, which always gave great re-

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defects, chronic hepatitis, carcinoma, especially of the

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IX. Mv Method is Imperfect. — Here the objections

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the affection being therefore essentially a local one.

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of immunity of twehe years ; a small growth then ap-

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pulse, 108 ; respirations, 36. The patient was just enter-

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