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cated by synostosis of the cranial sutures, absorption of
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in one case in particular, where the condition of the teeth
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fact that our esteemed contemporary, the Meditsinskoye
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zontal position, even for one or two years, in good air, no pre-
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surgical aid could be obtained at the public expense, and
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responding in character and degree with those found in
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which confronted the laife of the patient, denounced
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was already consumptive, but it was not uncommon for
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past I have been using a simple de\'ice in catheterizing
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to them, they created no ])anic, and, so far as he was able
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tain fi.vation, and although, as it seems to us, it gives neither free
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rid of diseased forms. Racial characteristics were ven,-
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finally with the other branch just above the elbow-joint.
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He had also prepared culture-media with various anti-
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Elizabeth McKechnie and Elizabeth Andrews. The first
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face or open-wound applications, and their free use in
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What the " outside world " thinks of the ever-recurring
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tap as a first proceeding, I always explore. In the pres-
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obtained, in short, are as follows : i. Inflammations of
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a saw, so that the margins of the vessel have a serrated
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book entitled, " Doctrine microbienne de la- fievre jaune
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in slight hemorrhage and failure — the object slid from
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July 5th. — Projecting between the first and second ribs,
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nation been successful. I vaccinated her myself three
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viz., rupture and peritonitis. 3. As favoring the re-estab-
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failed to supplement the operation with a plastic oper-
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tions, I will cite one instance in my own experience. Its
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nares of a hypertrophic, h>'perplastic, or neoplastic char-
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jerk appeared to be the result of a positive, and not a
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eases more prevalent in winter, at a season when the house-