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the "restless spirit of modern surgerj'." The route of
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caution, because, no doubt, of the great practical character
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In reply to the President's question, how numerous were
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violent cough shortly came on, and large quantities of
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roundings, accommodations, temperature, and cuisine
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Paris, more as memoranda for his own reference than
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the Committee of Arrangements. Then the by-laws were
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hundred and seven million gallons. If the average rain-
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fect coaptation of the parts. Five or six strands of cat-
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before Professor [Mosso's plethysmographic horizontal
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Impetigo contagiosa is cured in ten to twelve days with
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be inquired into, since there was a tendency in disease of
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eration of such medical subjects by such physicians and
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to the bile. He is inclined, therefore, to believe that a
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Anatomy, and Dr. Mapother from that of Physiology —
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between the mucous membranes, but mo.st frequently does
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puscles, and the spleen also took part in the process.
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the several improvements made in my drainage supports,
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1 Deaths from intermittent fever are very rare in this part of the
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lenses. The box was to be filled with smoke, in which
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words. Such patients may also play cards or other games
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condition was a pure neurosis. The affection was fre-
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effect. All sorts of other diseases in the ascendants must
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ness and fixation found, as I thought, an explanation why
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That branch for which Dublin is so noted, obstetric
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"April 26th. — Patient transferred from erj'sipelas ward
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is allowed that the uterus need not be in exactly the same
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