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The operation showed the injury to be incurable, but the

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boracic acid is absorbed as it ascends in the stream, and

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gynecology. He gave the following varieties : i. Ante-

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Illustrative Cases," by W. R. Whitehead, M.D., Denver,

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Case I. was brought to him to be treated for stenosis of

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should be most carefully tested. Such acts as reading

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due to the action of extraneous causes, and are prevent-

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the occurrence of albuminuria, since it was shown that

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was in progress, and the sulci added as required. Simi-

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parturition there was an upper active and a lower passive

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" The Language of Medicine." This is due partly to de-

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a hyaline cast cannot be considered as proof of chronic

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are the problems which lie in the path and confront the

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very patent fact, that the mode of practice in the cure of

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used tannin in five cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. One

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were made may have previously suffered from an attack

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into the adjacent tissue. In the frog's web the first of

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struction for three days. Femoral hernia. Herniotomy, no

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and we can recommend it without hesitation to all who

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ion supervenes, which completely unfits the patient for

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Dr. Smith replied that with antiseptic precautions it

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of friends and property, of position, reputation — always

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permanent cure of hernia is not the least. The attempt

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withdrew the vaginal plug, and covered the napkin, lower

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graphically isolated by mountains, or seas, rendering com-

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fur Bacteriologie," III., 25) who finds that H,0, in

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It is a popular belief that malignant pustule and certain

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the early development of nervous symptoms, cerebral or