further symptoms of syphilis from appearing ; in fact, it
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on the left eye. Two days later there was marked en-
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changes in the early stages of neuritis were near the con-
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Heart." Dr. Waller has observed what other physiolo-
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half of the body, while a wave of negative electricity dif
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tion required was one of expediency or of necessity. In
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mittent type after a few days, and the fever becomes sub-
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she had another chill, a cold sweat, much vomiting, and
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and drainage of the bladder and ureter are all that are
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nancy we can act by elimination and save the mother, her
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emperor's illness has as yet appeared in this country, Sir
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thought the fatal results in this disease were due to a very
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and because "cachexia strumipriva" is not always avoid-
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is most rife among us ; to its increasing death-rate ;
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rule that tissues held tensely by sutures are cut by them.
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lief to the nervous or general neuralgic s)'mptoms. The
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can clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream be used to treat eczema
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and unload the other, if required, after which they will
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quiring such careful management as typhoid fever, error
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students of nature. Their delineations were true to life.
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proceed to Angel Island, Cal., on public business ; on the
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the time of the report. In a table are given the names of
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ularly the stomach and intestinal canal, diarrhoea and in-
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way, yet thought deductions should be carefully drawn in
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great difficulty, in consequence of its great toughness and
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The question now naturally arises, What is there in the
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family of the patient has ever suspected the cause of the
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velops also electrical phenomena. These latter are very
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might be termed the hand type, and the peroneal the
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did not vary gradually in their action on various animals.
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they started in local irritation. The local manifestations
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of a part of the Army Medical Museum collection have