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cases tabulated in Table II. Word-deafness and word-

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developed in its secondary stage. Her vulva had been ul-

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shorter at birth. She has several brothers and sisters,

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of bloody fluid were withdrawn by aspiration. This en-

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it be distinctly understood that I am speaking of the dis-

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very slight impairment laterally. No solid tumor could

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none. To translate theory into practice is not only

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The nasal fossse should be kept clean by carbolized alka-

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and in our medical collection it will be quite enough to

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course of the final temperature in the third or fourth

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ment we can give the patient is to remove the diseased

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of the posterior third of the hinder segment of the internal

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' De Forest Willard on Joint Diseases: Treatment by Rest and

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In my experience the lives of sufferers with advanced

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nasal trephine, I bored through the right middle tur-

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Inasmuch as the efficacy depends upon the ozonized oxy-

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would die in less than two days. Instead of giving stim-

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forms an insoluble carbonate of lead. This fact can be

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less exhibition of suffering from heat than is to be seen,

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frequent inspection should be made with a speculum as

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unsettled as regards the influence of climate upon con-

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practice chiefly, and have been able to test it upon one patient only

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elastic cylinder two or three inches in length, and about

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eight cases observed at Vichy. This dislocation may