cancer. From January, 1880, to the present date, one
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less spirit of abdominal surgery which has lately been let
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in favor of inhalation. He had found dry powder inha-
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fever milder, but it may not lessen the duration of the
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graphical diagnosis could be made with great certainty
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M. Reclus said that he had not gone into the literature
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gent scrutiny. Therefore I have urged a \ery careful
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containing one-eighth grain each of calomel and ipecac
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legal punishment of fines and imprisonment can stop him.
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gle case in which the drug was used by injection was
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ficulty of breathing, some bronchial rales, but otherwise no
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she had a severe sweating, followed by all the subjective
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subnormal before and at the time of its exudation, and
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acid and sublimate. In other words, while the ebullition,
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jaundice, due to commencing hsemoglobinaemia, as was
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tion tlie patient again complained of pain in the eye. It
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syphilis, of such a marked cerebral disturbance as aphasia.
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fully by MM. Brun and Charles in two cases previousl)-
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from the right side ; the temperature has been normal for
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a very marked influence, existing as it did in twenty-five
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Janeiro, and I did not learn that he had any permanent
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be so, since frank and loyal controversy will bring light
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left |J} ; right ear was filled with pus and granulations.
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And yet, after all has been said on the side of humanity,
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was relaxation of the vagina and pelvic floor, shortening
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of Wiirzburg. He is only thirty-three years of age, but
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disease and from the malice of dissatisfied patients, but
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tion of the cervical vertebrte in this case, with spontaneous
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the hip. Although his apparatus is far more effective as
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