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owing to the fragility of the inferior thyroid artery. He
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rubber bar, the latter being roughened to prevent slipping,
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of Ritas were equally long-lived, having far outstepped the
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ing, when I found that the swelling was greatly reduced,
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ease. In the biennial report of the President of the
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headaches of nasal origin, I have selected from the many
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ticular home in the great sympathetic nerve. A connected
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Roosa's Bulb Nasal Inhaler." I desire, in a kindly spirit.
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Chicken Blood in Leucocvth.'emia. — Dr. Czartory-
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and lipomatosis is a mere incident in its course, asso-
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axillary, and infraclavicular regions there was marked
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Accumulations are mostly bilateral, and therefore in
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