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this office, vice Major George M. Sternberg, Surgeon,
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formed a similar operation which, although unsuccessful,
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graduated nursing-bottle, and instruct the nurse to scald
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his bed with a slight fever. During the following week
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close as possible to the peritoneal cavity, and uniting the
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together if thought desirable, and a drainage-tube inserted
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have caused this suffering, x they had never experienced
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geon. On being relieved by Captain Munday. will report
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mortem examination, and the cause found to be bulbar
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asthenopic astigmatic eyes are rarely of this sort, but
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it graduated as we passed outward In his different ex-
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and in about an equal degree. This condition of word-
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ness of breath, cough, and pain in the joints, aggravated
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pate advances and successes which shall as far surpass our
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radical measures were recommended, but it was suggested
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other hand, all lowly organized neoplasms are more or
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fects of the injection of an ethereal solution of iodoform
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was placed over the wound in the pericardium. The pa
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By W. H. Bvford, A.M., M.D., Professor of (gynecol-
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The diagnosis of pneumonia was confirmed by Dr. Ed-
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have experienced greater or less inconvenience from this
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sixteen years, and posterior staphyloma was seen, with pa-
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cite this as any remarkable discovery, and should not have
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which recurrence after lithotrity might almost with cer-
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inaltyphus, Virchow's Archiv, Bd. cxi., Heft i, 1888. 48.
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bacilli were also seen, either single, in pairs, or in colo-
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mould is immersed in water, which it readily absorbs,
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these forms of hemorrhage were then given. Dr. Mills
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elements of the kidney and the excrementitious ele-