the opening allowed to close. I'here is very little chest
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mation of the aneurismal sac. After a few days the same
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wit, no gonococcus no transmission to another of the
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As the patient was constipated the writer gave him a pur-
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nodule, four sarcomas, two undetermined tumors, one
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gree. The operation consists essentially in making a
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terebene, eucalyptol, oil of camomile flowers, and a num-
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at a recent meeting of the British Gynecological Society,
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derstand that explanation, but he could understand an in-
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pitient felt pinching and warmth. The lesion was too
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treatment breathing became more and more difficult,
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them before leaving the room. In consultations it is the
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and museum in Washington under the direction of the
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cornea had a hazy, bluish-black appearance, like the heav-
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size — weight, one hundred and fifty-five pounds. There is
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the Uterus," Bedford Brown, M.D., Alexandria, Va. ;
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the invalid ? Trained nurses and affectionate relatives,
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thirteen years since the tunnel was started under the Hud-
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frequent occurrence than of the auricle. Irritation of the
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inson and Langenbeck. Lang had hitherto had the op-
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sion was diagnosed to be cortical, and seated on the upper
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passed by the Senate perfecting the quarantine service. It
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to be equally applicable in adults and infants. Three
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into methfemoglobine. In haematuria the urine is redder
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I have met in this city a very pronounced case of what
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epiglottis, its base, and ary-epiglottic folds. The latter
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excellent, and there was no indication of heart-failure, of
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In such cases the fibrous and aponeurotic structures, be-
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medical experience. It will scarcely be credited, therefore, that not'
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