ment adhering to the bottom and lower sides of the vessel,

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died within five days from traumatic gangrene following

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The Association was called to order by the President

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action. The more distinctly this is subperitoneal the

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these cases. The most noteworthy sjTnptoms were great

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ones, and to take in twice as much fascia as of skin.

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may, in a measure, make up for any extra requirement of

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cathartic and enteralgic properties. A large proportion of

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mercurial employed until now ; it is most suitable for ap-

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sults. A well-defined alkaloid appears to be the most im-

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cases. He questioned the accuracy of the belief that

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much pleased with the result. The patient suffered no

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was first made practicable in the Glasgow school. This

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length on the arguments to be deduced from death and

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rare. Among one hundred Cjermans, says Hellwig, one

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salutary or a dangerous process, to be antagonized or let

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or twelve grains daily, in combination with tincture of

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continued use of atropine, e.xcept in this that the color of

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Delusions of vigor and strength appear ; events and their

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Emperor Frederick, has qualified for the position of

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