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established in its own country would now be somewhat late, and

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that of a boy, aged nine years, who had had acute rheumatic

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that season it is far less dreaded than in the spring — ^its time

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In a second paper, Mr. Birkett discusses the statistics of the

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content of the food Widal showed that the kidneys offer a cer-

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deserted by heartless seducers and left to the scorn and coldness of the world, to

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and in several cases Snakes, drank in with water when small, and retained in the

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quently, after poring over the dead tissue, and noting the ulti-

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by phenomena which could even suggest chorea. Then, again, sup-

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become pregnant. Objectively we find evidence of a patient with

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To attain to these, and to other good and noble qualities and qualifications, is what

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cleft in the superior one extending entirely through it, and far back toward the

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The following, recorded by v. Graefe, may be taken as an

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necessary to corporeal existence. If all the vegetable and animal productions of

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Clinical Surgery in India is a title which recommends

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" The impressions received by the sensory centres when tiliey do

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Theophilus Thompson, in his article on this disease in ' Tweediek*

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(a) Prostatectomy for Hypertrophy.— The functional find-

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amount of blood used in all of the direct transfusions in the

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monary, cardiac, or gastro-intestinal symptoms at any time.

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though no tumor could be felt, revealed complete closure of the

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of hair upon the barren scalp by a kw applications, and which utterly fail to give

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most instructive case occurring in America, in which death did not

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sat up out of bed on the fifteenth day. The sputum showed

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improperly, or at improper hours; do not dig your grave with your teeth, but re-

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According to his mode of estimation, how damp ought to be

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lity, and quantity of tho food ; for what is pleasant and good for one, may be hurt-

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with general paralysis. The chief remedial measure to be

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normal with forced breathing, and yet be greatly diminished

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explanation of phenomena that most observers would refer to

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1868.] Recent Observations upon the Contractile Tissues. 106

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17, and one aged 19. The extent to which age, sex, and other so-

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few breaths of air comparatively pure and healthful, from which he will derive new

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taken of two villages, and after correction for age and length

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fusion was so striking that it confirms the impression gained

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their tint varies, some having a golden hue, some being

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sonous drugs usually employed to expel worms. In this respect it stands alone, l

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