cases of throat disease occurring during the prevalence of
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£28,680; expenditures, £26,060 17^". ?>d.; surplus, £2,619
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in time be stamped out. The experience of the Crimean
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Avery, present incumbent ; for Assistant Secretary, Dr.
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of his own patients, the general practitioner cannot with
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but the truss will be continued for some time to come, to
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unpolished diamond, yet it is only after the wheel of the
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these led him to discard the spasmodic theory of asthma.
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The paper was so extensive that in the limited time
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seen May 3, 1886. Syphilitic patient ; has had repeated
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liable to injury from the shocks of the metallic sounds of
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tuberculosis can be cured by it or not. After these ex-
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recreation. We see in its meetings the curious spectacle
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safety. The loss of the second eye, and consequent total
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either at once, or some time afterward : Immediately, if
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the ten years of harmony and good-will that they have
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the temperature remained above iio°F. for over thirty
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In the second case, which was seen first on the twelfth
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most members of the profession in this city have no ade-
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ing full control of the circuit. The wire is drawn home
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terfere with the brain itself ; and it was only with the in-
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After reaching the hospital the ice water was continued
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sents the results of his studies of this question among per-
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It is one which requires long and careful investigation, as
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effluvia in dirty houses and towns. " Marsh miasm," he
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the sputa in the pulmonary forms; while in the general
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so-called tubercle tissue, an infiltration of the tissue of
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rhage by animal ligature ; 3, it prevents fermentation by
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formed and expressed on national and political grounds