which are often seen upon the cornea. The small amount
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none; thinning or ulceration of some part of the bowel
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as in its absence they are much more frequent. By nat-
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from neoplasmata in that their formation was determined
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which should receive most careful attention, since if
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Five have died, three or four are as yet unimproved,
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few cases, be found necessary to relieve tension or puru-
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with scissors close to the cornea. The attached portion
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bowel disinfection ; (</) of maintaining at its best the
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nite areas of the brain and in tracts which connect those
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He favored scraping away the diseased parts, but he was
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a safe one. He enumerated as causes: emotion, chronic
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more or less direct association with it, is to be borne in
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ulcers and suppurating wounds, and there is hardly more
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middle ear, he thinks, will soon take a leap forward. He
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semble very closely those of circumscribed otitis externa.
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man : The organic ; the intellectual ; the moral or re-
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nasal passages with a five per cent, spray as thoroughly as
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to any conclusion as to the relative duration of life of
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disease which, I thinii, may be classified under the gen-
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" if you have read my book carefully, you are prepared,
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attached to the instruments. He urged going slowly,
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sirable, for then would be retained in the circulation the
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Returns of appointments of medical officers will be
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scopical examination, consisted of alveoli of glandular epi-
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I met while abroad. I think he will weigh upward of two
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he noticed considerable improvement in the vision. He
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a communication on substances which cause local anes-
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breathing apparatus is only partially performing its
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