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was occluded at its point of junction with the brachial,

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and especially craniology, in its relation to North Ameri-

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cently issued. But I will name as special wants, human

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that the woman came into his sernce she passed red-

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sluggish ; periphery of lens cloudy ; several broad, fine

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right of each eye separately. There was no diplopia.

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Adhesions of gut, if present and firm, are serious. We

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head. All were slain in profound silence, even persons

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to this had been described by Konig, of Berlin, last year.

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fact of special interest to note is that this fluid was

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(or tonsillitis) is diphtheria in many, perhaps most, in-

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ually augmenting the intensity of the electrical current,

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' Treatise on the Ear, etc. , pp. 278-280. Philadelf hia.

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various deformities were discovered. A few of the nu-

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tion in children, where the prostate is small, I avoid the

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autopsy in fatal cases) to be — intussusception in six cases,

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Durham, of Guy's Hospital, London, were present and

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night, and during the exacerbations of her symptoms, which

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it is to illustrate this verj- point (viz., that cicatrices formed

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ciety when I was discussing this subject. I have under

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sary for a diagnosis according to Duhring. He related

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other physician. His study. Dr. Keyes concluded, of the

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good. On examining him I found absolute dulness, com-

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is human blood (provided it is not the blood of one of

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purulent ophthalmia. The swelling gradually extends to

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Dr. E. L. Malzel mentions in the Vrach (No. 21) that he