the layers of the broad ligament, into the pelvis. One
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and night-sweats. Twelve days before admission to hos-
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details, the liver in rickets seems to correspond to the
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bold had noticed for many years that in every patient who
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In quoting from his interesting and valuable paper,
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was occasioned by the absence of milk. A small mole
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next day, except that he cannot run. The patient comes
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five times, with two recoveries ; this operation is indicated
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brane, running from outer margin of disc downward, for
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and other places near the coast. There are in this vi-
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ache must accompany cerebral syphilis. This was not so.
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skilled anatomist, and there are few such ; hence the
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surface, which must be very actively engaged, under the cir-
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of labor was under the influence of the sympathetic ;
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ing " more and more the habit " to do so, for I think that
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improved position which had been gained by muscular
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method that bears the name of Moore, but he believes
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limitation, interruption, or suspension of the action, ex-
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The temperature throughout was normal, respirations
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the scapulae over, w-ithout antagonism or resistance, to
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these spontaneous movements, to which Dr. Warner pro-
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why the muscles of the uterus, powerless at death, should
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slightly diseased ovaries in young women, and they have
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To lessen the medio-tarsal outward rotation, I have
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drachm a day was rubbed in, and in the second, four and
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death being due to an attack of erysipelas two months
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night. Sleeplessness was a frequent concomitant of this
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less alcohol, as he had found other remedies much more
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lution and the stoutest heart. Throughout the terrible
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pox hospital he was several times very carefully vacci-
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home comforts. Thirty-three per cent, of phthisical