fessor Billroth recently performed the operation of par-

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• Wien. Med. Woch,. Nos. 49. 50. SL 1882. and NO;_ 4. 1883 tr

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tion of the heart he regarded as a stimulant, taxing and

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Utica Insane Asylum. He was appointed at Poughkeep-

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the military hospital in that city. Nor have I been more

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treated as a step-child. In botany we have at least one

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dition that causes these diseased nasal tissues to become

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A subject demanding careful attention is the inability

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invohing the lower lobe of left lung completely, which

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was a constant contraction and relaxation of the levatores

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tice. They serve the purpose of complete tappings, and

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fore. This is too late, as the latest authorities state that

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On the contrary, I can say that in cases where the pulse

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and intestines may seriously complicate operations. These

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came alarmed at loss of voice and difficulty in swallowing

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wdth resulting neurasthenic symptoms. A common form

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nature of the attack is revealed in the light of later devel-

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drinkers ; E, decidedly intemperate. When doubt existed

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teristic feature was the extremely languid condition in

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and asthenopia. The writer had reached five conclu-

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graphically isolated by mountains, or seas, rendering com-

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to his surprise had found that over fifty per cent, of the

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the weight of his body on the sound limb and supporting

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for fear of exciting purulent inflammation in ears usually

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purpose of endeavoring to correct some of the false im-

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watch for such symptoms. But many of the localizing

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absorption, and the urethra remains permanently open.

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" That the professions of law and medicine are over-

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