time past. The crucible, the microscope, and the scalpel
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of one suffering from contagious disease, a matter which
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which we are told allows free motion without friction ; ''
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swelling, inhibition of function, with ultimate atrophy of
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jects chiefly : (1) Prophylaxis by proper attention to cli-
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Illegitimacy in Massachusetts. — The last report of
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endeavors to carry the conjoint tendon outward toward
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ordinary " colds," by inducing internal congestion, must
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In the surgery of the female organs of generation the
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with forceps, to be left on or tied according to circum-
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gether. Loss of one of these memory-pictures, or dis-
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July 1 6th. — The parts over the thyroid cartilage had
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fession that cancer is in the beginning a local disease,
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July 13th. — Temperature, 101° F.; pulse, 138; res-
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the threatening symptoms disappear after liberating the
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There can be no accurate and exhaustive diagnosis of re-
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instruments, but a careful inspection of the whole rectum,
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cluding the " professor," who may seem youthful, but
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elapsed, and nothing had been done for the boy save that
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cases, in fact, it was the bad condition of the patient which
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all ; however, the contractions of the bowel would force
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avoiding these dangers, and of escaping contagion through
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cells at least, and possibly the antrum and sphenoidal
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into view as defective and diseased. Thus, from the front
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But it must in justice be admitted that to the work of the
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"shunt" fails to the amount of 7.05 per cent.; with
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Two of the recent cases of brain operation, reported by
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ensue if the patient did not suffer. I fear the profession
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and emaciation, and occasionally by milky vomiting and