became sweet, but not afterward. With regard to the

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part has been placed in normal position. In the use of

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endeavors to carry the conjoint tendon outward toward

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it will be remembered, I advise a larger dilution than

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Notwithstanding the fact that the location of the pain

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He had reported twenty-five cases at the first meeting of

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saw the patient in July, 1888, at which time the tumor

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Thus it became possible to test his visual field, which was

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ever, has enjoyed perfect health, and now says he feels

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obstruction, no matter what the cause, are aggravated

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called " repeaters," and the number of sentences of the

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hopped rapidly in a bee-lme, about four rods, upon the

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stomach, and its dissemination on the peritoneum, besides

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remedy. The most important of these is the fact that

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sesses the valuable therapeutical properties of both sub-

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gynecologist of Dublin, and for so long the very accepta-

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effects in crowded hospitals, jails, and ships, where it at-

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is a symptom of some value, the more so because it is so

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cases of cholera infantum occur in midwinter, in this city

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given, and in copving he scanned closely each letter and

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lately for a bronchitis, related that he was subject to a

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He believes that the salicylates act upon the diabetic cen-

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the other hand, the farther forward the choroidal infil-

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results were negative as regards those made from the

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drug in a prescription for another, and that he is also apt

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or deformity, are satisfactory only because they seem

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good, and when, as yet, the glands are not affected. Par-

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some Conclusions," by Dr. John Ridlon, of New York ;

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S. O. 1 48, June 27,1888, from this office, is extended fifteen

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amount should be wasted in giving support to a dogma

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sence. Two instances of this kind have fallen under my

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and resistance, the volts and ohms, and may be repre-

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Among the cases mentioned were eight where the cen-

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and the conditions of the brain were noted at the au-

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ness, 368,754. The death-rate was somewhat lower than

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was still the metallic ring. 'l"he quinine and iron to be