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asserts that it does. Only, in the case of warm-blooded

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The patient had symptoms of apparent coxitis, that yield-

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under a room temperature of 65' F., the coagulum with

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placed mouth-breathing, and the dry sensation and sticky

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of malaria. He agreed, however, wth those who thought

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rhcea with pea-soup stools, often proves to be another

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bad, Seltzer, Apollinaris, Baden, Ems, Bourbonne, Salins,

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out. This was indeed, he believed, the primary cause of

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Insufficient Vaccination in Paris. — Out of the five

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He had treated eleven cases of cirsoid aneurism with suc-

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Dr. Ross agreed with Dr. Pavy in thinking that these

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proved that nicotine contracts the muscular coat of the

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bitten by mad dogs (eleven of whom at Paris) presented

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perature has been specially noted, there has risen in

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by six — might be accepted as the commercial value of the

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it is shown jaundice cannot result from suppression.

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a share in bringing about the improved state of things in

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nancy. These tumors, when in the lower uterine segment,

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curred ; and at the end of that month an abscess was

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As relaxants I used small (nauseating) doses of tartarized

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been in the nose for forty years, and Jacquemart had a

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Dr. Coghill mentioned a case in which a man suffer-

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ing to the natural order Acanthaces. According to Mr.

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vaccination had anything to do with the immunity in these

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