allude to litholapaxy, suprapubic cystotomy (the modified

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tsvo valves of equal size, and presenting no abnormal ap-

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The worst evils of specialism now are those resulting

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Dr. Raphael, of this city, died in Saratoga on .August

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his doubts concerning the efficacy of medicinal treatment

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of a saturated solution of sodium carbonate to twenty

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tion and vomiting. She was anaemic, but well nourished,

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and the little patient had contracted a fresh cold, and was

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observed the gastric symjitoms described by M. Dujardin-

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tion and forced expiration, a dry and paroxysmal cough

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umbilical cord was normally attached to the body and

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In all the cases reported prior to 1885 antipyrin would

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peated attacks of some form of deep inflammation in the

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is rarely below, more often above 25 per cent., which rep-

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a7i'ay from the daily maximum in order, I suppose, to keep

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practice some such guidance ; the diy and encrusted

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the presence of endothelial accumulations in some of the

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riously ill. A simple incision through the sac was made

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In a single case he regretted having operated. All oper-

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the eruption extended to the breasts, the bulla; on the

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feet greatly swollen ; solution of potass, bitart. to be used

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called. She was a small, robust woman, thirty-one years

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duty at Fort Sully. Dak., and ordered to duty at Fort

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Quasi- VITREOUS Change. — The small cerebral arterioles

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path to eminence was smoothed before him by neither

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was considerable tumefaction at its base ; the ary-epiglot-

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arrived at in three different ways, either associated or in-

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ter in two ranks; those who have tried it, and those who

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orrhage, hyperacidity of the gastric juice, long duration of

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irritation from the mouth (diseased teeth, etc.) existed.

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sive use of alcohol, by lowering vitality, may induce phthisis

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did not, become acid, for even a very slight degree of

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the Northern and Southern armies during the Civil War."

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metrical in both ears, and that the stapes is most fre-

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