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voluntary flexion of the left thigh, and on the following
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The object of the experiments described in this paper
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the former procedure, by which the candidate is placed in
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respiration as is comfortable, and then holding the breath
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mittee, of which he shall ex officio be a member. He
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charges, which grew more copious and worse on the third.
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the temperature did not fall ; in the morning it was 38°
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He did not believe in my diagnosis or prognosis, and
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assignable cause. Of syphilis there was no other evi-
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by wrapping it with a single layer of white muslin, mois-
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Physicians and Surgeons in the latter city, has not joined
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Dr. Peabodv, in response to a question, said that he did
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alone till admission, and the abdominal wound sewn up.
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These glasses were worn first for distance only, and later
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surrounding country, and it is for this reason that I desire,
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traced to the same system of nerves. Therefore I con-